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Choosing An Office Moving Company In Edmonton

October 7, 2019

Choosing An Office Moving Company In Edmonton

Moving your office from one place to another is as hectic as it can get. Some people might debate if it’s more difficult to do a home move or an office move. It really doesn’t make a difference if you hire a professional moving company. Professionals can get the job done right, leaving you stress and worry free. Especially if you have a number of fragile items. Professional moving companies are fully insured and bonded.

Specialist moving companies have a set of standard operating procedures, which allows them to do their job in a systematic manner. This makes sure they do their jobs with minimum chance of accidents. This blog post intends to provide you with a number of things to consider before hiring your next moving company.

Are they licensed

Licensed from the proper licensing authorities is the first thing to consider before choosing the right movers for your moving needs. Make sure you confirm that the next moving company you deal with is licensed to do business in your area.

Are they fully insured

If the company is licensed chances are they will have full insurance coverage as well. Now, if you have expensive items to be transported, you should make sure the moving company is fully insured so they can compensate you fairly in case of a misfortune. Insurance can also motivate the staff of your company to work with added-value and care as well.

Do they have a professional team

Make sure that you talk to their supervisor or manager and see if they are able and prepared enough to manage your moving needs. If they have a professional team they will come prepared for any type of transportation situation. Such as moving heavy items up and down the stairs or using pulleys and cables when needed.

Do they plan how to pack and move your stuff

This point can be a give away if the company you chose is really professional or not. If the team prepares a plan and shares it with you or you ask them how they plan to move. The fact they actually planned to move your stuff shows they have an idea of what they are doing.

Can they offer fast service for urgent moves

Normally, there is enough time to move an office from one place to another. Still, you might be interested in moving into your new office sooner than later. You might need a moving company that can work in urgency.

Can they move your stuff to another city

This is an important point to check on, incase you plan on moving from one city to another. Most of the professional moving companies can operate in multiple cities and vast geographical areas since they serve to pack and move your stuff.

Do they pack stuff properly

Professional moving companies have their own packing materials, boxes, and labeling systems. These measures help them pack and move your stuff in the most efficient and safe manner. This practice can provide you with much-needed sense of relief, as well as, pack your fragile things with the utmost care and safety.

Do they have their own transportation

Some moving companies will use rented moving trucks. It’s always best and advisable to use a moving company which has their own fleet of trucks.

Can they manage your timelines

Almost all moving companies in Edmonton and other cities, must follow the timeframe they were hired for. In case of any unforeseen weather conditions or a law and order situation, the company must be able to serve you at the time which they made a contract with you and agreed to.

Do they have a good reputation

Last but not least, you should ask around and do some research before actually giving them the go-ahead, find out if they have a good reputation or not. Registered companies cannot hide their performance from people. Whether or not a company is good and reliable is fairly easy to find out now days, simply by doing some research online. Google reviews is a good place to start. You can use social media to enquire about them as well.

Brothers Moving Edmonton is a top-rated professional moving company in the city of Edmonton. We offer all the above-mentioned checkpoints and more for our versatile clients. We even provide customized moving solutions so you can have the best moving service possible. Please visit our website to learn more or call us and talk to one of our customer representatives and get moving.

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