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DIY Tips For Transporting Plants

January 28, 2020

DIY Tips For Transporting Plants

With so many considerations and critical decisions needing to be made, a house move can be a stressful period. The success of your next move depends largely on your ability to make the right decisions during the household packing to unpacking processes. Moving plants can be a major part of your moving process. What’s the best way to get your plants moved into your new location? Let’s find out.

Some households are willing to leave their plants because plants can increase transportation cost. However, if you love your plants and can’t leave them, take them with you and make them a part of your new home. Before you plan to move your plants, consider a few factors, especially when you’re undergoing a long-distance move. The climate of your new house might not be ideal for your plants or long-distance moving might reduce their chances of survival.

Moving with plants involves a sound plan. The moving process is fairly easy as long as you prepare and load them correctly. If you want to use a car to move plants, it’s important that you ensure their survival. Here is how to move plants in a car safely and conveniently:

Prepare Your Plants

Preparation is the first and most important step. You have to make sure your favourite plants are ready to undergo the relocation. When we relocate plants, they can sometimes undergo major environmental changes. You might have to re-pot them from heavy clay pots to lightweight yet durable plastic pots.

The re-potting process must be carried out at least two or three weeks before the moving day. Use sterilized potting soil for best results. When the move-out day arrives, try to expose your indoor plants to direct sunlight as less as possible. Indoor plants are not good at receiving direct sunlight. Don’t forget to water the plants in the evening prior to the move-out day. During winter, you might need to water your plants 2 days prior to moving day.

Pack And Load

You can transport plants in a car only when you properly pack and load them. Some extra care will give your plants a better chance of surviving a difficult house move. If you’re planning to use cardboard boxes, use tape to reinforce the bottoms. Make sure there are oxygen holes in each moving box so that your plants can breathe during the trip. The base of a plastic pot can be wrapped in packing paper. When you dig up the root systems of your plants, make sure to place root balls together with the soil into plastic pots. Your pots should have enough moisture to survive the relocation process.

Use strong cardboard boxes and protective sleeves from solid packing paper. Make sure there is enough space between the packed plants and the top of cardboard boxes. When it comes to placing plants in the car, use common sense and arrange them accordingly. Taller plants can be placed on passenger seats while smaller plants can be placed in the trunk.

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