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Moving During The Winter Months In Edmonton

November 22, 2019

Moving During The Winter Months In Edmonton

Planning for your next move this winter? You’ll come to know that there are a lot of details that must be taken care of. One or two individuals with minimum moving supplies and experience will take days to execute a move. When it comes to winter moving, it seems impossible to move a house or office without help.

You can find a professional moving company in Edmonton to make your life a lot easier with expert movers taking care of everything from packing and moving to storage and unpacking. All you have to do is provide little assistance to the movers. Before you hire a moving company, make sure to prepare a list of what needs to be done and include any specific details on how you would like the move to be executed.

Moving on a freezing cold day might sound like a crazy idea. Winter in Edmonton doesn’t provide for ideal moving conditions. Surprisingly, winter can actually be a good time to move.

Moving in winter months

There are good reasons why you shouldn’t postpone a move due to harsh weather conditions. The winter months are not the busiest in Edmonton, which means you can easily book movers and get the moving done efficiently. However, make sure to consider a few things before moving in the winter in Edmonton.

Be prepared to readjust

We know winter can be extremely unpredictable and you can’t say for sure which day is the right to make the final move. So, keep an eye on the weather before finalizing the date with your moving company. If a snowstorm happens to blow in on the day you want to move, it’s wise to be flexible and reschedule to avoid inconvenience.

Don’t run around at the last minute

Moving day is always a busy one even if you have a team of professional movers to help you out. One of the best things you can do to make that day less hectic is getting everything ready in advance. While movers will do all the packing and loading, you can document everything to avoid chaos and streamline the process.

Clear the path

If it happens to snow on moving day, you might need to do some extra work before you get everything ready for loading. If you want to pack your belongings yourself, it’s advisable to have everything properly packed before the day of moving. When ready, shoveling and clearing the path from your door to where the moving truck will be parked will definitely streamline the process.

Don’t carry heavy objects while walking on slippery surfaces. It can not only cause injuries but also damage your possessions. If it’s snowing heavily, it’s always a good idea to throw down some sand or salt for traction. A professional team of movers will always be prepared to deal with unfavorable weather conditions.

Protect your possessions

Transporting household items in the event of snow or rain demands a different packing strategy. Your boxes must be packed in a way sturdy enough to withstand a little snow or rain. Plastic totes can also be used to deal with heavy rain. Valuables such as artwork and electronic devices must be wrapped in plastic and properly covered to avoid the effects of water damage. Furniture and clothes should also be properly packed and wrapped in tarps.

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