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Tips For Packing Your Kid’s Rooms For Moving

February 7, 2020

Tips For Packing Your Kid’s Rooms For Moving

Using a room-by-room checklist is an ideal way of packing up a house without going through chaos and stress. When a house is packed in an organized manner, it becomes easy to save time and money. Pre-move preparation can be a stressful process as it involves packing a variety of objects from your kids’ possessions to your furniture and appliances. Moving with children can make things even more complicated.

If you start the packing process too early, you might disturb your kids’ routine. It’s important to plan before you pack your kids’ rooms. Where should you start packing? How can you ensure the safety of everything while packing fragile objects? Should you involve your kids in the packing process? Answering these questions will make the packing process more organized and time-efficient. Here is how you can pack your kids’ room for moving faster and easier:

Involve Your Kids In The Packing Process

It’s advisable to get extra help when it comes to the most time-consuming task during a house move. Packing is certainly a process that requires time and proper planning. If your children are old enough to give a helping hand, involve them in the process. Being involved in the packing might help your children enjoy the move. Besides, the input from your children is required when you have to decide what items you should pack and what should be left or sold.

Children are usually creative and active. They might be able to solve some of the toughest packing puzzles for you. For example, packing awkward-shaped objects can be a challenging task. Your kids might be able to provide you with some time-saving ideas. You can also have your kids prepare an inventory list or help you label boxes.

Declutter The Room

The first step in the packing process is sorting everything out. Sort all of your belongings in the kids’ rooms before you start packing them. Decluttering a room prior to packing will help you reduce the need for packing supplies and transportation costs. If your children are too young, then you should pack the possessions in their presence to avoid inconvenience.

The major step is to divide possessions into two categories: must-take items and leave-behind items. Your kids can better point out things they need or items they’ll continue to use in the future. So far as leave-behind items are concerned, you can either donate or sell them to make some extra cash. Broken, worn out, and useless items can add to your transportation costs. So, don’t include them in your must-take possessions.

Packing and moving broken or deteriorated furniture pieces in the kids’ rooms is of no use. You can do the math to determine the worth of an item after considering transportation and repair costs. When you have all the packing supplies and everything sorted out, start the packing process. And don’t forget to make the process more entertaining. Let your kids make some important decisions. It will refine their decision-making and leadership skills.

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