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Tips For Safely Preparing Your Items For Storage

December 6, 2019

Tips For Safely Preparing Your Items For Storage

Are you planning to move soon and need to prepare your belongings for safe storage? Whether you need temporary storage while unpacking or a long-term storage solution, hiring a moving company that also provides storage services provides a great option. Relocating to a new house or office can be a daunting process that demands discipline, organization and resources.

People usually don’t have sufficient moving and storage resources to carry out an efficient and cost-effective move. Before you consider hiring a moving and storage service company, make sure to do some homework and research to prepare your stuff for storage. The following are valuable tips for preparing your belongings for packing and storage:

Research and plan

Before you prepare your home or office items for storage, make sure you get rid of unnecessary and unneeded items. If you have decided to hire a storage company, be sure to know whether or not your items can be stored in their storage facility. Storage facilities often provide a list of items that can’t be stored. If the company you hire doesn’t have a list of restricted items, read their rules and regulations to avoid any inconveniences.

Chemicals, fertilizers, gasoline, explosive materials, and propane tanks are some of the items your storage company might refuse to store. In that case, you need to figure out where to store the restricted items in your possession. It might be a good idea to get rid of such items before you move. It’s understandable that you can’t sell or dispose of some important items such as your medicine or the plants you love.

Decide what should be stored

Moving companies that provide storage service typically charge depending on the space they need to allocate to store your items and how long you need to store them. Simply put, the bigger the storage unit you need, the more it will cost you. Therefore, carefully consider each item before putting it in storage. You might consider donating or selling some of your items to save money on storage.

Create an inventory list

Relocating to a new place can sometimes be chaotic process. To keep things organized and simple, create an inventory list of all the items you need to store. If there is no list, you’re likely to forget what you put into storage, which can lead to misunderstandings. So, before you start the packing process, pull out your notebook and document everything. From smaller knick-knacks to large items like a sofa, you’ll be able to keep up with everything. The inventory list you create will be a valuable document at the time when you need to pull things out.

Pack things in an organized manner

It’s recommended to have proper packing supplies to make the packing process fast and dependable. You can also use transparent plastic bins to see what is inside when you visit the storage unit. If you want to use boxes, label them clearly. However, boxes should be sturdy enough to withstand moving and storage-related handling. Labeling each box clearly will help you identify a particular box among a plethora of boxes.

Hire a dependable storage company

Your belongings are precious and you shouldn’t let an unprofessional and unreliable company handle or store them. The ideal solution is to hire a company that provides complete packing, moving, and storage services.

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